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Post by Elune on Fri 21 Oct 2011 - 19:14


New Schedules:
Grull/Karazhan - Sunday 19:30 ST

Rule No. 1:
Respect your fellow guildie. Simple as that. Treat others in guild same as you would like others to treat you. If you have any personal problem with someone, avoid arguing on public channels, and do it on whisper. If you cannot handle someone, or you have a feeling someone is really abusing you in any way, talk to Officers about your problem.
No matter wether you are trial or member, this is first rule in our guild, and therefor most important one. Anyone who fails to respect it will be removed from guild roster.

Rule No. 2:
Officers have last word in everything at anytime. Do not talk back to them, even if you strongly believe that you are right. If you start feeling abused by any Officer, talk to Mutex or Elune about it. We do not have many Officers, but our Officers are same as us. We believe in them even without a proof.

Rule No. 3:
This is English speaking guild. Avoid foreign language on guild chat / teamspeak. (Unless its late hours and noone is online to be bothered by it).

Rule No. 4:
Do not act like dickheads towards other players. This is common to first rule. When you are in Lone District, you are representing it at all times, in game / IRC / Forums / Teamspeak. It's up to our members (YOURSELF) to show the world what we really are. It is expected from all our members to act like decent human beings.
Players who are acting like morons / dickheads towards other people on public channels, will also potentially be removed from guild roster.

Rule No. 5:
There are no promotions in our guild. Once you become a member, you are equal to Officer. Everyone has same rights, and everyone will be treated same.
However, ANYONE is capable of becoming Officer one day. Officer won't give you bigger privileges, but more obligations towards guild (therefor, it's not consider as promotion).

Rule No. 6:
If you are going to be inactive for more then 15 days, it is important to notify any of Officers. That will prevent damaging your rank and status in guild.

Rule No. 7:
Alts can be invited on lvl 1. However, keep in mind that on Alt raids, we won't accept just "any" of your alts.

Rule No. 8:
Regarding Guild Bank, you can get every info you need from Yzma and Swesh. Guild Bank is completely their duties.

Rule No. 9:
You must agree on and respect our [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. (click on Raid Rules for more info).
Also, please, learn our [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Rule No. 10:
Keep in mind, that our Guild Rules / Raid Rules and even DKP system can change at anytime. It will however always be announced either in game or here in forums. So keep your self informed!

More info will be updated.

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