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Affliction Warlock Guide 3.3.5 Empty Affliction Warlock Guide 3.3.5

Post by bluelyon on Fri 20 Apr 2012 - 19:28

An affliction warlock's damage is based on several spells with very high damage per cast time which do damage over time instead of having a cooldown.
Shadow Bolt is used as a filler spell in between those DoTs. He's completely lacking burst abilities, but damage goes up significantly when the target goes below 35% and again below 25%.

We will start the guide with the stats that you need to pay attention. First of all, like all other classes, you need to cap the hit rating, then the next stats that you need to focus are spell power, haste, critical strike and spirit. With other word the importance of them is something like this: Hit > Spellpower > Haste > Crit > Spirit

Casters need 26.2 hit rating for 1% of plus hit.We have a 17% chance to miss against raid bosses, therefore to achieve a 100% hit chance we need 446 hit rating. This is the hard cap. The majority of players won’t need to stack anywhere near the 446 hard cap, as spells and abilities modify how much +hit you need.

You get a 1% buff from the Drainei Racial (alliance only, and only party wide, this is NOT a raid wide buff).
You get a 3% debuff either from spriest misery, or boomkin faerie fire (these do NOT stack).
You get +3% from talents (although you may drop the talents as you get the hit rating on gear).

So the “soft cap” for raiding locks with all available buffs are:
Only Drainei.................................................420
Only Shadowpriest/Boomkin/Suppression...........367

Usefull Sockets:
Meta Socket:Chaotic Skyflare Diamond  is the best meta gem for warlocks.
Red Sockets: Reds should always be filled withRuned Cardinal.
Yellow Sockets: Yellow sockets should actually be filled with orange gems. The best for it is Reckless Ametrine, but if u have problems with hit  rating you can use Veiled Ametrine.
Blue Sockets: Blues should actually be filled with purple gems and the best for this color is Purified Dreadstone.

Major glyphs:  

  • Glyph of Haunt
  • Glyph of Quick Decay
  • And as 3rd glyph you can use Glyph of Corruption or Glyph of Life Tap, but i go for the Corruption one.

Minor glyphs:
The only minor glyph usefull in raids is the Glyph of Drain Soul.

Head:Arcanum of Burning Mysteries
Shoulders:Greater Inscription of Discipline
Back: Greater Speed (or Lightweave Embroidery if you have tailoring)
Chest: Powerful Stats
Bracers: Superior Spellpower
Gloves: Exceptional Spellpower
Belt: Eternal Belt Buckle (socketed with Runed Cardinal Ruby)
Legs: Brilliant Spellthread
Feet: Icewalker
Rings (only if your are an enchanter): Greater Spellpower
Main Hand: Mighty Spellpower
Staff: Greater Spellpower

Affliction - 53/1/17
If you are hit caped and don't need Supprasion but two points on Improved Curse of Agony

1.Unstable Affliction
4.Curse of Agony
5.Spam Shadow Bolt
6.Refresh UA and COA every time they fade, and Haunt every time you refresh US, cast Haunt, right after it.
7.Reapply Corruption after first Eradication and try not to lose that Dot, if you lose it repeat this step.
8.When boss is under 25% you will start using Drain Soul insted of Shadow bolt.

When there are a lot of mobs, use Seed of Corruption, is the best AOE.
To maximize the dps, your pet must allways attack the boss and for that you can use this macro to put him attack when you are useing Shadow Bolt. You can use other spell insted of Shadow bolt, is your choice.

/cast Shadow bolt

How to apply your dots

A warlock gets most of the damage from dots, if you are Affliction, almost all your damage comes from dots. The difference between a good and an average lock is the way they apply their dots, it’s probably the hardest thing to learn as a warlock.

Don't clip your dots

Clipping your dots means that you casy a new dot before the old one is finished. Don’t ever do that because it means that the old dot didn’t tick, which is a dps loss! For example, you are an Affliction warlock and you got all your dots on the boss.  As a filler spell, you cast shadowbolt. You noticed that unstable affliction is about to wear off in 2.5 seconds. If you cast a new shadowbolt, Unstable Affliction will wear off which is a dps loss. If you cast a new Unstable Affliction, the new one will overwrite the old one and it misses a tick, which also means a dps loss. In general, the best thing to do is cast a new shadowbolt and after that cast Unstable Affliction directly. It means that Unstable Affliction will tick for its full period and therefore does maxDPS. The one second Unstable Affliction is not on the target is less of a dps loss then a missing tick of the dot.
When boss is under 25% and you start to use Drain Soul, dont lose focus from your dots.If you are chaneling Drain Soul and your UA fade, dont intrerupt it to reapplay it and wait for Drain Soul to finish and then cast UA. Try to time your UA with Haunt, for example, when you finish Draining Soul, cast UA and Haunt and then again Drain Soul and over and over with UA and Haunt.


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