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Post by Mutex on Thu 26 Apr 2012 - 23:07

It been a while since we had a Guild Event, so we decided to take some time and organize one.

Here and in Guild Information window, we will occasionally give You clues that will describe certain item.
Player who first mails that item to Iostream will win the Guild Event.

1) DKP
2) Gold
3) End Game Crafting Materials
4) Any 264 BoE item
5) Rare pets
6) Choosing an item from Icc 25 or first 10 bosses of Icc 25 hc.

There is no need to apply for event, just watch for clues and find an item*.

1. This item is so rare that majority of players never heard of it.
2. In earlier days, this item was actively used in raids. Today, it is used only for farming an achievement.
3. Although it's rare, the item is fairly easy obtainable.
4. In order to get the item, You will visit zones on both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, discovering nearly forgotten zones.
5. Obtaining item requires completing quest/s, but it is not a quest reward.
6. On its own, the item is useless. To serve its purpose, it requires another item/s.
7. If You are another anagram fan, "A Seeping Plot" should be enough for You
8. Every Salty player had the item.

* Character from which You mailed item is the character that will be able to reserve main spec item.

EDIT: Winner is Lipsik. Gratz.

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