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Retri Paladin Guide (by Razorblades) 3.3.5 Empty Retri Paladin Guide (by Razorblades) 3.3.5

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Retribution Paladins – Best in Slot Enchants

spec i use(razorblades):,aere3,10952

Head: [Arcanum of Torment]
Shoulders: [Greater Inscription of the Axe]
Chest: Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats
Cloak: Enchant Cloak – Major Agility / Flexweave Underlay/haste
Bracers: Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault
Hands: Enchant Gloves – Crusher
Legs: [Icescale Leg Armor]
Feet: Enchant Boots – Icewalker (unless you are way over hitcap, use this) / Enchant boots - Greater Assault
Weapon: Enchant Weapon – Berserking

Retribution Paladins – Stats

o as a quick refresher, here are the stats you should be gemming for as a retribution paladin:

1. Hit
2. Strength
3. Expertise
4. Critical Strike
5. Agility
6. Haste
7. Attack Power

1. Hit – Hit affects your hit %, or ability to hit mobs and bosses. At level 80, Paladins need a total of 8% hit to be capped at 100%, meaning they never miss. Normal melee swings, Crusader’s Strike, Judgements, and Divine Storm are all affected by this. Reaching the hit cap should be your number one priority.

2. Strength – Strength is what gives us attack power and increases our damage. After hit is capped, this is what we start stacking. Remember, 1 strength = 2 AP…with the blessing of might buff in the talent tree, it ups to 1 str = 2.3 AP.

3. Expertise – Capping expertise removes a mob’s/boss’s ability to dodge our attacks. To cap this, you need 26 expertise, or 6.5%. It is recommended to maximize DPS, you have both hit and expertise capped.

4. Critical Strike – From this point on, stats at crit and below are not worth aiming for. They simply do not pack the punch that strength does. Strength should be the stat that ret paladins are stacking hands down when hit and exp are capped. However, crit wins over agility because crit also affects spell crit, whereas agility does not.

5. Agility – Inferior to critical strike, as it takes a whopping 52 agility to get 1% melee critical strike. However, crit does not stack with buffs, like Blessing of Kings, whereas agility does.

6. Haste – While haste seems like a great stat, it currently does not give us a gigantic boost like we’d hope it would. Haste lowers weapon speed, but does not decrease cooldowns on our spells and abilities.

7. Armor Penetration – This ability benefits warriors far more than it does paladins. It affects only our melee white hits, Crusader Strike, and Divine Storm. It does not affect seal or spell damage.

8. Attack Power – Since we hardly see AP on plate items, this isn’t really a stat we have to worry about. Plus, 1 strength = 2.3 AP with talents is far superior than gearing up just straight AP. Go for strength instead. The only time a retribution paladin would have to worry about this is if he or she decides to dip into some leather or mail gear.

Remember, this is the ideal rank of stat importance. it varies greatly based on your current gear and talents.

Ironhide'91 wrote:
Hit cap is 263, Expertise cap is 23.
My suggestion is to get your Expertise to 13, and then just equip Glyph of Vengeance you will have it up to 23, which is the cap.
You should have 400-500 haste, as a minimum. Strength over 2000, and crit must be in range from 30% to 40%.

Retribution Paladin Glyphs

[Glyph of Judgement] This glyph is a must have, hands down. Judgments are vital to our dps, so don’t leave this one out.
[Glyph of Consecration] Now your second best glyph, helping conserve mana and normalizing the FCFS rotation.
[Glyph of Seal of Vengeance] Since Seal of Blood/Martyr is gone, this is what takes its place. This gives a nice expertise boost at 10 expertise (82 rating, 2.5%). If lready expertise capped, move right along to Glyph of Exorcism.
[Glyph of Exorcism] A solid boost to DPS, even though Exorcism is at the end of our FCFS rotation.

Here are the minor glyphs, although they do not serve near the tremendous impact that the main glyphs do.
[Glyph of Sense Undead] Ulduar has no undead, but the extra 1% has PvE written all over it.
[Glyph of Lay on Hands] The only othe semi-useful PvE minor glyph.
Retribution Paladin – Gems

Patch 3.3: Ret Paladin Gems is current for Patch 3.3. No new changes with our gems and gem usage as ret paladins. Hit cap is first, then you will be gemming for solid strength from that point on.

As a retribution paladin, your gem choice is going to be quite limited. Really, you should only be gemming for 2 stats.
Hit Rating

[Relentless Earthsiege Diamond] +21 Agility / +3% Increased Critical Strike damage
[Chaotic Skyflare Diamond] +21 Critical Strike / +3% Increased Critical Strike damage

* The note for the meta gems is that the relentless gem offers more dps due to the fact that it only requires one blue gem. While the chaotic by stats alone is a smidge better, requiring 2 blue gems to activate actually makes it lower dps.

[Bold Cardinal Ruby] +20 strength
[Bold Stormjewel] +20 strength
[Bold Scarlet Ruby] +16 strength

[Inscribed Ametrine] +10 Strength / +10 Critical Strike
[Inscribed Monarch Topaz] +8 Strength / +8 Critical Strike

[Rigid King’s Amber] +20 Hit Rating
[Rigid Stormjewel] +20 Hit Rating

[Sovereign Dreadstone] +10 Strength / +15 Stamina
[Sovereign Twilight Opal] +8 Strength / +8 Stamina

[Nightmare Tear]+10 All Stats

Retribution Paladin Talents and Seals

Retribution Paladin Talents

Current for Patch 3.3 and Patch 3.3.2

The Ret Talent Tree seems to change with each content patch, as our DPS and damage output is modified by talent and ability changes. Retribution Paladin talents will primarily focus on the Retribution Tree, while dabbling in Protection and Holy. It seems to vary, depending on raid encounters, how far we dip into the other trees, and as of Icecrown Citadel raiding, we are currently only dropping 5 points into protection, while the remaining are put into Holy for aura and seal buffing.

Whether you are leveling, PvPing, raiding, or soloing content, it is important to pay attention to your talents, and try to create the optimal set-up for whatever you are doing in World of Warcraft at the time. Make sure you are putting points into talents that are relevant to what you are trying to accomplish. A little research can help with this, and I hope this can point you in the right direction!

RETRIBUTION RAIDING: The current cookie cutter talent build for Patch 3.3 raiding Ret Paladins is 11/5/55.


Seal of Command
Seal of Command is our main seal for leveling. In end game content, it also is our main seal for dungeons, and raid trash mobs. Seal of Command functions as a cleave, boosting Ret DPS into the clouds with some very high AoE damage. SoC deals damage in two ways, the first being automatic damage when Judged, and the second being procced damage from melee attacks.

STATS: 36% holy damage added to all melee attacks. Holy damage when judged.

USES: Leveling, 5-man dungeons, raid trash mobs,pvp.

Khor’s Tips: The above uses are generalized, and other seals may be of better use depending on your gear and talent set-up. Personally, I use Seal of Command for everything except raid bosses. In 5-man dungeons, my gear is strong enough now that I don’t bother switching to SoV for bosses. I just leave SoC running for the whole time. Using SoC in combination with the T10 2-set bonus creates some insane AoE damage, so make sure you are keeping a sharp eye on your threat…because you will pull it!

Seal of Vengeance / Seal of Corruption
This is our heavy hitting seal for single target encounters. Long known for heavy burst DPS, the Retribution Paladin of old could not keep up on the DPS charts for boss fights. Seal of Vengeance is the remedy to that. Though the ramp up time to full DPS potential is slower than the other seals, once it peaks, there is no match for single target fights, aka bosses. Seal of Vengeance is a unique ability for Ret Paladins because it is affected by stats in 3 different ways. It is first affected by Attack Power, then by Spell Power, then by Attack Power again that affects weapon damage. This is because SoV deals damage in three ways: a damage over time effect, and proc when a maximum 5 stacks is reached, and the damage done when judged. For a detailed write-up on Seal of Vengeance mechanics, check out the Ret Pally thread on Elitist Jerks.

STATS: 33% weapon damage + 2.5% Attack Power + 1.3% Spell Power per tick, holy damage when judged.

USES: Raid and 5-man dungeon bosses.

Seal of Righteousness
Seal of Righteousness has been pushed to the bottom of our DPS seals, forcefully being shoved out of the way by Seal of Command for PvE purposes. SoR still does have utility in PvP due to heavy hitting Judgements, and can be used on single target trash in raids as well.

STATS: Additional damage on melee attacks, Holy damage when judged.

USES: PvP, single target raid trash.

Seal of Light
Seal of Light has a very definitive purpose, and that is to keep a Paladin alive in the toughest of fights. By switching from a DPS seal to a Healing seal, the Paladin gets a heavy influx of additional healing while in combat.

STATS: Chance to heal on melee attacks, holy damage dealt when judged.

USES: Solo Content, Leveling.

Seal of Wisdom
Seal of Wisdom gives a Paladin an additional source of mana if needed. This is the least used seal for Retribution Paladins.

STATS: Chance to restore 4%mana on melee attacks, holy damage dealt when judged.

USES: Desperate mana shortage situations.


Judgement of Wisdom
One of our primary PvE seals, Judgement of Wisdom helps prevent those dreadful out-of-mana (OOM) situations. Because Retribution Paladins can chew through mana with our plethora of instant cast attacks and abilities, mana can be an issue at times. This also benefits other mana using DPSers, such as Hunters, though this won’t be a problem in Cataclysm when Hunters switch from mana to focus.

STATS: Chance to restore 2% base mana on attacks.

USES: Raiding, 5-man dungeons, solo content, leveling.

Judgement of Light
Judgement of Light is our other top PvE seal. Using JoL depends in raids depends on if there are other Paladins in the raid or not, and what their specs are. If you are Ret and there is a Prot Paladin tanking, let them JoL while you JoW, so that everyone benefits from both seals. In fights where there is no other Paladin, or there is alot of incoming raid damage, JoL may be preferable over JoW for the additional healing support.

STATS: Chance to restore 2% maximum health on attacks, holy damage dealt when judged.

USES: Raiding, 5-man dungeons, solo content, leveling.

Judgement of Justice
This is a Ret Paladin’s primary PvP seal. Keep in mind the duration lasts 10 seconds, not 20 seconds like the tooltip says.

STATS: Limits movement speed to 100%, and further reduces movement a considerable amount beyond that so long as JoJ is active.

USES: PvP, situational PvE soloing and leveling.

Crusader Strike
Crusader Strike is one of our core DPS attacks. As an instant cast melee attack, it can trigger Righteous Vengeance and seals. It does not, however, refresh judgements.

STATS: 75% weapon damage.

Divine Storm
Divine Storm is our monstrous AoE attack. Available as the 51 point talent in the Retribution Talent Tree, Divine Storm causes 110% weapon damage to any enemies within the immediate vicinity of the Paladin. This can be behind the Paladin as well. Divine Storm can crit, and will trigger Righteous Vengeance and seals. It also moves up in the FCFS rotations for Ret Paladins with 2 piece T10 bonus. Is a healing melee attack, in that it will heal up to 3 party/raid members for 25% of damage done.

STATS: 110% damage to 4 enemies near Paladin, heals up to 3 party members for 25% of damage done.

Consecration is a Ret Paladin’s damage over time attacking ability. This is not considered a melee attack, and does use more mana than other damaging attacks. Nonetheless, it is still widely accepted as mandatory for FCFS rotations to maximize DPS. Only with 2 piece T10 bonus do we see Consecrate diminishing in use.

STATS: 113 damage per second for 8 seconds + 4% Attack Power + 4% Spell Power. Duration increased with Glyph.

Exorcism is a non-melee damaging spell ability that has a 100% chance to crit on undead and demons. With a 1.5 second cast time, this is not considered a viable attack unless Art of War is procced. Even then, the spell is still low enough on the FCFS rotation that it will be passed over if Crusader Strike, Judgement, Divine Storm, Hammer of Wrath, or Consecrate is up. Only use if no other attack is available. For leveling purposes, this can be a mana sink, but is particularly effective for burning down mobs quickly. Not useful as a pulling mechanism. Use Hand of Reckoning to pull mobs.

STATS: 1028 Holy damage + 15% Attack Power + 15% Spell Power.

Hammer of Wrath
Usable on mobs below 20% HP, this attack generally floats to the top of our FCFS rotations when available. For leveling and soloing purposes, this makes for a great tool for preventing mobs from running away. Nothing like planting that holy hammer in the back of someone’s head as they try to flee! Hammer of Wrath is instant cast, with a 6 second cooldown, and can be buffed to up to 50% crit chance with talents in the Retribution Tree.

STATS: 1139-1257 holy damage + 15% Attack Power + 15% Spell Power.

Holy Wrath
Deals holy damage to all undead and demons. This spell attack has no target limit and will stun each mob hit for 3 seconds. Very useful in ICC 5 and 10-mans. At the bottom of the FCFS rotations. Situational use for large packs of undead may place it higher.

STATS: 1050-1234 holy damage + 7% Attack Power + 7% Spell Power.

Divine Plea
Our mana recovery spell. Throwing this in the DPS area because this will be used on a consistent basis to keep mana renewed. Elitist Jerks has this spell accounting for 10% of our total incoming mana on bosses.

STATS: 25% of total mana restored over 15 seconds. Healing from Holy Light, Flash of Light, and Holy Shock reduced by 50%.


Art of War
A very solid talent with DPS increase, and creating instant casts on FoL and Exorcism. While neither of these are overly powerful for a Paladin, they still both serve generally good uses. Instant Exorcisms allow the spell to be put into FCFS rotations. They are omitted if not. Flash of Light as an instant cast is very helpful for Paladins on the run, or who need quick heals. If healers are overburdened, this may mean the difference between staying alive or adding to your repair bill.

STATS: +10% damage to Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, and Judgements. Flash of Light or Exorcism instant cast on melee crits.

Judgements of the Wise
Very, very strong mana regeneration tool for paladins. This is just as useful leveling as it is in endgame content. Judgements of the Wise keeps a Paladin from ever really having to stop to mana up. A huge time saver, and very important to Ret Paladin DPS.

STATS: +25% base mana on damaging judgement attacks. +1% Mp5 for 15 seconds to up to 10 raid/party members.

Righteous Vengeance
“The RV dot does indeed “roll” like the warrior version, meaning critical judgements and DS’s in succession will refresh the dot duration, not overwrite it. The RV dot is a magic effect and thus dispellable, can be partially resisted by bosses, but is not mitigated by armor. With 2pc T9 equipped, RV crits for 200% damage, just like any of our other melee abilities.”

“It adds the new critical damage onto any remaining damage in the dot and then resets the duration with the new damage total. There is absolutely no need to maintain the stack in any fashion, the stack falling off does not cause you to lose dps.”

STATS: +30% damage over 8 seconds from Divine Storm, Judgement, and Crusader Strike melee attacks.

Sheath of Light
An excellent talent, giving Retribution Paladins some potent healing when needed. The HoT from Sheath of Light functions similar to Righteous Vengeance, allowing for crit heals to cause the HoT to roll. Stacking strength is also important here, as it is converted into spell power. More stats, more DPS.

STATS: Increases Spell Power by 30% of Attack Power, critical healing spells heal for additional 60% of amount healed over 12 seconds.

Sacred Shield

Equally important in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Has a shield refresh timer of 6 seconds. Very strong ability if you find yourself having to self-heal frequently. Sacred Shield increases FoL crit chance, activating Sheath of Light more frequently. Keep the passive heals rolling.

STATS: Absorbs 500 damage, increases crit chance of Flash of Light by 50%.

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