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Post by Elune on Sun 22 Jan 2012 - 21:46

Information on how to apply and submit an application is at the bottom of this post. Please read this post before submitting an application to make sure we are the type of guild you are looking for and to give yourself knowledge of our rules to make it past the application process.

As of January 22, 2012.


We are now recruiting players with intention to progress through 25 heroic. Do not hesitate to apply even if we have several of a particular class, ultimately the best players will be raiding in our guild.

Do not apply if:

*You cannot make the time commitment for future progression content.
*You plan on quitting or if you know you will have to take a break from the game soon.
*You have no english skills what so ever.
*You have little to no raiding experience.

All voting and commenting in the application section are kept in guild, only guild members from Requiemt can comment and vote for your application.


Click "SPOILER" to see additional information about the topics below. Read them before submitting an application to make sure we are the type of guild you are looking for and to give yourself the highest chance of getting accepted.

What we're looking for
We at Requiem(at text: RQ), are only looking for long term members. Lone District is not going anywhere, we want members that will be part of our raiding core, that will still be with us for the long haul. Everyone that joins will be an active raider, you will be given a chance to make yourself stand out and earn your raid spot.

Our guild as a whole are all understanding people, we know people have bad raid nights. One night of mishaps doesn't mean we will remove you. When you join our guild we will treat you as an equal and will continue to do so throughout your trial period until you show us that you are not fit for our guild, which we hope won't be the case.

If you have an issue concerning on how you think you are performing or any problem you may have, you are free to ask the officers to speak to you after raids privately about your concerns so we can explain it in depth via teamspeak.

You should also take in consideration that this is private server, it is hard to get normal amount of "decent" members, therefore, even if we are "10 man guild", we will be "10 man guild" which can be proud of every and each one of it's members.

Raid Schedule and Attendance
RQ's raid invites always start at 19:00 ST.
The following is our schedule(server time):

*Monday: 19:30 ST - 00:00 ST
*Tuesday: 19:30 ST - 00:00 ST Main Raid ICC 25 Heroic
*Wednesday: 19:30 ST - 00:00 ST
*Thursday: 19:30 ST - 00:00 ST
*Friday: 19:30 ST - 00:00 ST Main Raid RS 25 Heroic
*Saturday: 19:30 ST - 00:00 ST Alt Raid ICC 25 & RS 25 Normal
*Sunday: 19:30 ST - 00:00 ST

*There are also times where we will call scheduled raids early if we feel we need to.

All members should be able to attend raids on Tuesday, when is our main raid day, if we schedule them ahead of time. All our members need to let us know in advance if they cannot attend a raid via forum post or inside game(whispering to one of the Officers).

Loot System
All loot is distributed by Loot Council. But for time being, we are using DKP System

Application Process
Our applications are very easy. Basic informations with your data, and your character data. You will have answer on your application in matter of few days. After you get [ACCEPTED], you will be invited to come on our teamspeak channel, where you will have interview with our Officer/s, and if you pass our Interview, you will get invited in guild.
Do not be afraid, our interviews are most of the time Fun, and simple Yes or No questions will be asked. We just want to see, is your english good enough, can you understand us what are we saying, or someone else wrote your application.
Then your Trial Period begins, in which, you have to prove yourself worthy of becoming a full fledged member.

Our expectations
We expect all members to have DBM and teamspeak. You have to be online before 19:30, with your specs, gears and reagents ready.

We understand there are situations where people can't raid, that is completely understandable. If we expected everyone to be here 100% of the time we would only have 25 people in the guild. You can miss raids, it just can't be happening so much that it's noticeable.

We want you to want to be in our raids, and we will invest in you as much as you invest into us. As a guild, Lone District strives to be the best. If you are coming in for a boss and you are confused with the way we execute it, you are better off asking questions than going into a fight not knowing what to do.

Being a good player and learning to get to know the guild beyond the raids, trying to know the guild as a whole whether it's pvping, talking on teamspeak, doing something in game, playing another game - anything. We are very big on guild community and guild family.


Go to our [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] in order to make application.
NOTE: If you make application, you are instantly agreeing with [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

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