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Arcane Mage PVE Guide 3.3.5

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Arcane Mage PVE Guide 3.3.5 Empty Arcane Mage PVE Guide 3.3.5

Post by Elune on Sun 22 Apr 2012 - 0:47

Welcome to Arcane Mage PVE page.
Everything you need to know will be here.


Arcane Spec with Glyphs

Note: You can change Slow talent into Arcane Subtlety (1st Tier) or Magic Attunement (3rd Tier), or w/e suits you best. I prefer Slow which can help me in few fights where Adds need to be killed / kited / slowed.


You need 17%hit in order not to miss with spells in PVE. That is first thing you need to achieve.
17% - 3%(Arcane Focus) - 3%(Precision) - 1%(If you are draenei) = 10% hit MIN requirement.
Remember, having 1 Moonkin or Shadow Priest in your raid, will lower that on 7% hit rating from your gear.

So, order of your priority:
Hit(Until 17% cap) > Spell Power = Haste > Crit > Spirit
note: Spell Power is better then Haste, but it is desirable to boost them both equally.


Red -> 12 Spell Power & 10 Haste (With end game gear, 277, you can go for 23 Spell Power in red socket)

Blue -> 23 Spell Power or 12 Spell Power & 10 Haste (Again, on 277 Items, go for 23 Spell Power, otherwise stick with 12 Spell Power & 10 Haste)

Yellow -> 12 Spell Power & 10 Haste


Rotation for arcane mage is fixed. There is 1 best rotation and any modifying/changing will result in DPS loss. You can find a lot of "good dps rotations", and i used to believe they are good 2, but since i became class master, i theoretically and practical mastered it.
Before everything, you need to POP all cooldowns you have, and keep them on cooldowns.

Cooldown Macro:
/cast Mirror Image
/cast Arcane Power
/cast Icy Veins
/use Potion (desirable)
/use “Trinkets”

You have to separate 2 places for 2 abilities outside Cooldown Macro, for Arcane Power and Presence of Mind. (Cause they are on 2 min cooldowns, not on 3 like your Mirrors and Icy Veins). On beginning, you will use Arcane Power, and as soon as your Presence of Mind becomes available, use it. You want to use them later, according to this:
Arcane Power -> On Any Cooldown Proc that comes first (DFO, Finger, Black Magic, Cooldown Macro Reset)
Presence of Mind -> When ever you can (with not screwing your Arcane Power Timing)

Note: Only if you have Muradin Spyglass, you should use Cooldown Macro, after you get 10 stacks of it. Otherwise, you can pop it on beginning for faster using again.

1. Arcane Blast
2. Arcane Blast
Now you have 2 options depending on your Missile Barrage proc;
(a): If you have Missile Barrage proc:
3. Arcane Blast
4. Arcane Missiles
5. Back to 1.

(b): If you do not have Missile Barrage proc:

3. Arcane Blast
4. Arcane Blast
5. Arcane Missiles
6. Back to 1

Few Tips:

1. Use Mana Gem on every 4k mana loosage and use Evocation on every 40% Mana (If you do not have procs going on)
2. If you need to move, use Arcane Barrage + Ice Lance.
3. If you gonna suffer big amount of dmg, be sure to use Ice Block.
4. You can use Invisibility when you have opportunity for it (not dpsing anything) to Reset your Potion Cooldown or to lose aggro when you need.
5. When you get adapted to mage really well, put Blink into usage, since it will save your time = more DPS!


They are not really necessary, but they can be really helpful.

1. Sexy Cooldowns for 3.3.5 ( - Show's cooldowns on almost everything.
2. Cheese <3 - Like Power Auras, just more simpler and already fixed.
3. DBM - Just promoting here, it's mandatory.
4. Gear Score - Putting it here, for fools and horses.

Fellow mages, after you do your homework here, we can do practical work in game. Cya soon!

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